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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP edition of Acing the CCNA Exam.

Writing a CCNA book has been on my mind ever since I completed my CCNA course in early 2022. Now that I am working with Manning, my dream is becoming reality! I have learned a lot, and my thinking about how to best teach the CCNA has evolved since I first started teaching the CCNA in 2019. In writing this book, I am applying all of the lessons I have learned to make this book even better!

This book is, above all, intended to help you study for and pass the CCNA exam. Perhaps you are already in the field of IT and are looking to advance your career, or perhaps you are just looking to get started. In either case, getting CCNA-certified is an excellent choice. Networking is an essential skill in nearly all areas of IT, and the CCNA is the de facto industry standard entry-level networking certification.

Cisco has stated that they will announce changes to the CCNA exam in May-July 2023, and those changes will take effect starting from August-October 2023. Rest assured that I will update this book to match the new version of the CCNA exam (including revisions of already-written chapters, if necessary).