Chapter 3. Using Scrum for release management

This chapter covers

  • An implementation guide for Scrum
  • An introduction to the functional view of ALM: core facets of functional releasing
  • Best practices of how to integrate functional and technical release management

If Agile ALM is about creating and tracking software, in which phases do you create the software? Using functional release management, you set up a guideline for how and when you’ll provide releases and how you’ll assign content to them. Together, functional release management and technical release management support and enable the development.

In this chapter, we’ll talk about the release as the central unit in the development process. After covering the basics and core aspects of functional release management, we’ll talk about vehicles that can support you in communicating your general release approach. I’ve based my release management approach on Scrum.[1] This method is popular, in part because it’s simple and easy to implement.

1 See the free Scrum primer at

3.1. Getting started with Scrum release management

3.2. Implementing Scrum release management

3.3. Release planning vehicles

3.4. Supporting strategies with Subversion

3.5. Summary