Part 1. Introduction to Agile ALM


Welcome to Agile ALM. In this part of the book, I will illustrate the basics of what Agile ALM is, from my point of view, including its benefits, history, and building blocks. We’ll also talk about Agile in general and how Agile strategies can enrich application lifecycle management.

Chapter 1 sets the stage and gives you a thorough introduction to what Agile ALM comprises. Chapter 2 introduces Agile and Agile strategies. You’ll learn how Agile can foster your project management and how Agile strategies (including continuous integration, component repository, and productive workspaces) can help to streamline your development process. You’ll also learn how Agile ALM can counteract the illusion of control by operating as a change enabler.

After reading this part of the book, you’ll be ready to explore Agile strategies in more detail and to learn how you can implement these strategies with lightweight tools.