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Releasing great software requires more than great dev tools; it also demands an efficient operations pipeline that takes advantage of modern Agile practices. Serverless platforms like AWS Lambda implement the basic building blocks you need to run code, store data, or process streaming information so developers can focus on the features they want to provide, not on the underlying infrastructure. Combined with an agile process, serverless architectures facilitate a quick feedback loop between developers, end users, and business stakeholders, allowing the rapid prototyping and easy production rollout required for innovation.

Because serverless architectures start with hosted, self-managed services instead of custom-built servers, they provide a lot of ops advantages when it comes to reliability, scalability, and availability. Web APIs are also key to the serverless mindset, because they enable simple, consistent integrations within and between applications.

This collection of chapters from several Manning books will introduce you to serverless application design using AWS Lambda. You’ll also learn about how adopting an agile mindset will give you a leg up when you build and deploy serverless systems.

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Danilo Poccia

Author of AWS Lambda in Action