1 A tale of two technologies


This chapter covers

  • Cloud landscape
  • What is Serverless?
  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • The democratizing power of Moore’s Law
  • A canonical AI as a Service architecture
  • Canonical architecture on Amazon Web Services

Welcome to our book! In these pages we are going to explore two exploding technologies: serverless computing and artificial intelligence. We will do this from an engineering perspective. When we say an engineering perspective, we mean that this book will provide you with a practical hands-on guide to get you up and running with AI as a Service, without getting bogged down in a lot of theory.

We imagine that like most people, you have heard of these topics and will be wondering why we’ve combined both of these seemingly disparate subjects into a single book. As we will see throughout the following chapters, the combination of these technologies has the potential to become the de facto standard for enterprise and business-to-consumer platform development. It is a combination that will provide software developers--and by implication the businesses they work for--with enormous power to augment and improve existing systems and to rapidly develop and deploy new AI-enabled platforms.

1.1 Cloud landscape

1.2 What is Serverless?

1.3 The need for speed

1.3.1 The early days

1.3.2 The Unix philosophy

1.3.3 Object orientation and patterns

1.3.4 Java, J2EE, .NET,

1.3.5 XML and SOAXML (Extensible Markup Language)SOA (service-oriented architecture)

1.3.6 Web speed

1.3.7 Cloud computing

1.3.8 Microservices (rediscovery)

1.3.9 Cloud native services

1.3.10 The trend: speed

1.4 What is AI?

1.4.1 History of AI