AI as a Service: Serverless machine learning with AWS MEAP V05 cover


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Artificial Intelligence and Serverless are two very hot topics. They have come to the fore following decades of evolution in both machine learning and software architectures. We have reached a point where any software developer has access to the resources on demand to build massively-scalable, intelligent systems by bringing together these technologies.

As with any new and emerging technology, there are challenges in getting started. AI and is a huge field typically requiring complex decisions around algorithm selection and optimization. Fortunately, much of the most advanced AI availably today is being developed and constantly improved by the major cloud vendors who are offering AI solutions as on-demand, managed services.

The time to adopt and be productive with these managed AI services is significantly less than building and training your own AI algorithms, particularly when a fully Serverless architecture is deployed.. With Serverless platforms, you get scalability, cost savings and faster development by using managed cloud services and functions-as-a-service (FaaS).

In this book, we will be covering an introduction to both AI and Serverless. You will get an understanding of the canonical Serverless AI Architecture. We will guide you through your first Serverless AI system and continue adding functionality throughout the book to add new AI services.