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Thanks for purchasing MEAP for AI-Powered Wordpress. I hope that what you'll get access to will be of immediate use to you and, with your feedback, the final book will be great!

Learn to use artificial intelligence (AI) systems and you’ll have powerful assistance with any creative or intellectual task, and website building is no exception.

This book is for anyone—of any level of experience—who wants to master the best new artificial intelligence tools to create or to improve WordPress websites.

By the end of this book, you’ll have mastered two valuable skills:

  • How to prompt and dialog with AI systems like GPT and Midjourney to get excellent results.
  • How to use AI to build new websites or take existing sites to the next level.

Beginners will find the book both clear and comprehensive. Experts in AI or WordPress will find many tips and techniques they don’t already know. And the eBook will be continually updated to reflect the stunningly rapid progress of artificial intelligence systems. In addition to that, readers will have access to the book’s social media accounts, and the Manning liveBook discussion forum, where they can post questions and comments.