Chapter 12. System integration


In this chapter

  • Exploring endpoints and how to use them
  • Using Apache Camel with Akka
  • Implementing an HTTP interface with Akka
  • Managing consumers and producers

In this chapter we’ll look at some examples of actors being used to integrate with other external systems. Today applications are increasingly complex, requiring connections to different information services and applications. It’s almost impossible to create a system that doesn’t either rely on information from or supply information to other systems. To be able to communicate with other systems, the two sides have to go through an agreed-upon interface. We’ll start with some enterprise integration patterns (EIPs). Next, we’ll describe how akka-camel (an Akka extension for Apache Camel, a project that simplifies integration over many transports) can help a system integrate with other external systems, especially in a request/response style. We’ll finish with an HTTP example using akka-http and detail the different approaches to integration with Akka.

12.1. Message endpoints

12.2. Implementing endpoints using Apache Camel

12.3. Implementing an HTTP interface

12.4. Summary