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Algorithms of the Intelligent Web was written to provide you with a roadmap to the design and creation of intelligent algorithms. It draws on many areas of computer science, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, but has been written with the practitioner in mind. It’s a cookbook of sorts and provides the relative newcomer in this field with several real-world, worked examples that can be modified for your own purpose.

Who should read this book

This book is firmly aimed at those who are new to writing intelligent algorithms but who have a firm grasp of programming and basic math and statistics. Wherever possible, we’ve tried to write the book so the mathematical rigor can be glossed over, leaving you with an overall impression of the applicability of an approach. Of course, if you’re more mathematically inclined, we encourage you to follow the detail. Ideally, readers of this book should have had at least some exposure to a programming language and have attended a first-year undergraduate mathematics course.


This book is organized into eight chapters and one appendix:


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