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Our book guides you from creating an AWS account to building fault-tolerant and auto-scaling applications. You will learn about services offering compute, network, and storage capacity. We get you started with everything you need to run web applications on AWS: load balancers, virtual machines, file storage, database systems, and in-memory caches.

The first part of the book introduces the principles of Amazon Web Services and gives you a first impression of the possibilities in the cloud. Next, you will learn about fundamental compute and network services. Afterward, we demonstrate six different ways to store your data. The last part of our book focuses on highly available or even fault-tolerant architectures that allow you to scale your infrastructure dynamically as well.

Amazon offers a wide variety of services. Unfortunately, the number of pages within a book is limited. Therefore, we had to skip topics such as containers, big data, and machine learning. We cover the basic or most important services, though.

Automation sneaks in throughout the book, so by the end you’ll be comfortable with using AWS CloudFormation, an infrastructure-as-code tool that allows you to manage your cloud infrastructure in an automated way; this will be one of the most important things you will learn from our book.


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