Chapter 1. Introducing Android

This chapter covers

  • Exploring Android, the open source mobile platform
  • Android Intents, the way things work
  • Sample application

You’ve heard about Android. You’ve read about Android. Now it’s time to begin unlocking Android.

Android is a software platform that’s revolutionizing the global cell phone market. It’s the first open source mobile application platform that’s moved the needle in major mobile markets around the globe. When you’re examining Android, there are a number of technical and market-related dimensions to consider. This first section introduces the platform and provides context to help you better understand Android and where it fits in the global cell phone scene.

Android is primarily a Google effort, in collaboration with the Open Handset Alliance. Open Handset Alliance is an alliance of nearly 50 organizations committed to bringing a “better” and more “open” mobile phone to market. Considered a novelty at first by some, Android has grown to become a market-changing player in a few short years, earning both respect and derision alike from peers in the industry.

1.1. The Android platform

1.2. Understanding the Android market

1.3. The layers of Android

1.4. The Intent of Android development

1.5. Four kinds of Android components

1.6. Understanding the AndroidManifest.xml file

1.7. Mapping applications to processes

1.8. Creating an Android application

1.9. Summary