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Angular 2 applications can be developed in two flavors of JavaScript (ES5 and ES6), in Dart, or in TypeScript. The framework itself was developed in TypeScript, and in this book we use TypeScript for all the code examples. Appendix B has a section titled “Why write Angular apps in TypeScript?” where we explain our reasons for selecting this language.

Both of us are practitioners, and we wrote this book for practitioners. Not only do we explain the features of the framework using basic code samples, but we also gradually show you how to build a single-page online auction application over the course of the book.

While we were still writing and revising, we ran several training workshops using the code samples. This allowed us to get early (and overwhelmingly positive) feedback about the book’s content. We really hope that you’ll enjoy the process of learning Angular 2.

This book covers Angular 2.0.0 Final.

How to read this book

Our early drafts of this book started with chapters on ECMAScript 6 and TypeScript. Several reviewers suggested we move this material to the appendixes, so readers could start learning about Angular sooner. We made this change, but if you aren’t already familiar with the syntax of ECMAScript 6 and TypeScript, looking through the appendices first will make it easier to follow the code samples in the chapters.


This book consists of 10 chapters and 2 appendixes.

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