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about this book


Angular in Action is designed to help you learn how to use Angular in building your own web applications. I’ve brought the core lessons from my own experiences into this book. I’ve built a number of large enterprise applications on Angular and many smaller ones as well. I believe similar best practices go into most well-written applications no matter their size, so I share those as well.

My goal is to ensure you have a strong foundation in how Angular works, how it’s used to build web applications, and how to then ship those into production. This foundational knowledge will enable you to learn additional concepts more quickly and easily (often by reviewing the documentation or even blog posts).

There are certainly more Angular topics than could be covered in a single book, as Angular is an ambitious and comprehensive set of tools and libraries. I took great care to make this a book that works on multiple levels. You may find some topics to be more advanced than you need right now, but you can always come back to them later. Or you may find that the basics are familiar but the more advanced topics help fill in the gaps.

Who should read this book

Although I believe Angular is accessible for developers, this book is targeted at readers who have the subject knowledge detailed in the following list. Other readers will certainly find value in the content, but may have knowledge gaps that aren’t covered specifically:

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