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The goal of this book is to equip you, the reader, with an arsenal of practical techniques that you can use in the real world—to help you build a non-trivial web application from the ground up, and offer commentary on the most pertinent pieces. The sample application presented in the book, Angello, comes with a fully functional back end in either Firebase or Node.js with a few extra bonuses such as social logins with Auth0.

We had to make some hard decisions about what we were going to cover in the book and, more importantly, what we would not cover. It would have been easy to go down a rabbit trail as we tried to explain AngularJS on a molecular level, but the actual application of this knowledge is relegated to edge cases at best. We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t cover everything about AngularJS—that would make for a book three times the size of what is currently in your possession.

We make some assumptions about the readers of this book so they’ll get the most out of the material. We assume a fundamental knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We don’t call out the CSS or HTML in the application unless it pertains specifically to what we’re doing in AngularJS.


We’ve divided the book into two main sections: a gentle introduction to AngularJS and then an in-depth commentary on the pieces of AngularJS, as we start to build out Angello.

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