Chapter 10. Using PhoneGap tools


This chapter covers

  • Using PhoneGap Build to create mobile apps
  • Configuring PhoneGap Build apps
  • Updating PhoneGap Build apps with Hydration
  • Using the PhoneGap Developer App to develop mobile apps

In chapter 1 we discussed how PhoneGap relates to Cordova. PhoneGap is the name most developers use when talking about building hybrid mobile applications, but Cordova is the actual open source project. As part of Adobe, PhoneGap offers a few alternatives to working with mobile apps that may be enticing for users. In this chapter we’ll look at some of these tools. To be clear, these aren’t things you must use, and in some cases they may not be helpful if you’ve already got your entire environment set up correctly. But knowing about these options may make it easier to bring other coworkers into your team. Also, both of the options discussed in this chapter will enable you to build for iOS devices from a Windows or Linux machine.

10.1. Working with PhoneGap

In this chapter we’ll look at the PhoneGap Build service. This lets you create hybrid mobile applications with absolutely no setup on your machine. You can skip installing SDKs and command-line programs and instead use your favorite editor. The only requirement is an Adobe ID.

10.2. PhoneGap Build service

10.3. PhoneGap Developer App

10.4. Summary