1 Getting started with Razor Pages


This chapter covers

  • What Razor Pages is
  • Why you should use a web development framework
  • What you can do with Razor Pages
  • When and why you should choose Razor Pages
  • The tools needed to work with Razor Pages

Thank you for picking up this copy of Razor Pages in Action, whether physically or virtually. By doing so, you are about to learn what Razor Pages is, what you can do with Razor Pages, and what you need to consider when deciding whether Razor Pages is a good choice for building your next web application. Spoiler alert: if you want to develop page-focused, interactive web applications, it is!

This chapter will explore Razor Pages’ technologies and examine the similarities and differences between Razor Pages and other web development frameworks. By the time you have finished this chapter, you should know whether Razor Pages is a good fit for your next application and be looking forward to building your first app with Razor Pages in the following chapter.

1.1 What is Razor Pages?

1.1.1 Web development frameworks

1.1.2 Server-side frameworks

1.1.3 Cross-platform functionality

1.1.4 Open source

1.1.5 Using your existing knowledge

1.2 What can you do with Razor Pages?

1.3 The technologies that underpin Razor Pages

1.3.1 The ASP.NET Core MVC framework

1.3.2 Model-view-controller

1.3.3 The design goals of Razor Pages