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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Automating API Delivery. This book is written for API developers, product owners, product managers, and API architects faced with the challenge of scaling the design, development, and publishing of APIs while maintaining consistency and usability. Organizations that need to scale their API programs experience tension between delivering APIs quickly and maintaining high levels of API usability. On the one hand, they have an increasing number of teams designing, implementing, and releasing APIs rapidly. But on the other, they want to implement controls to ensure all their APIs provide a great user experience by being consistent in design, easy to use, secure, and well-documented. If not done correctly, some of these controls can significantly slow down the speed of delivery, and so organizations find themselves having to make a trade-off between speed and API usability.

This book shows organizations how to avoid making a trade-off and achieve both API delivery speed and a great API user experience. It explains how organizations can automate their API design and delivery process for RESTful APIs to minimize waste and deliver more value to API consumers.