1 Introduction to cloud computing and Amazon Web Services


This chapter covers

  • Cloud computing and AWS
  • Why people utilize cloud computing
  • When to use AWS/cloud computing
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam

When beginning a dive into new technical concepts or fields, I often start out feeling as though I don’t have the vocabulary, background knowledge, or mental models to make sense of the information being conveyed. After a while, I feel inclined to give up, resigned to the fact that it was probably all “too technical” for me anyway. This was the feeling I was yet again having as I tried to decipher what cloud computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are and why they were suddenly so ubiquitous in the IT world.

You may be an IT help-desk engineer looking to move into cloud administration or an IT manager considering moving from managing legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud and hoping to obtain a high-level understanding of AWS Cloud. Or, you may be a career-changer hoping to make a transition into IT, and the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam may help get your foot in the door. Perhaps you are a sales associate at a tech company looking to get a better understanding of what cloud computing and AWS can offer for your potential clients. Or, you may be reading this book with a completely different set of backgrounds and reasons. Whatever the reason for picking up this book may be, welcome!

1.1 What is cloud computing?

1.2 Why cloud computing?

1.3 When should I use or not use cloud computing?

1.3.1 When should I use cloud computing?

1.3.2 When should I not use cloud computing?

1.4 Conceptualizing cloud computing and AWS

1.4.1 Cloud computing, AWS, and you

1.4.2 Breaking down AWS

1.5 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam (CLF-C01)

1.5.1 The four domains

1.5.2 Studying for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam