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This book is split into four parts. Part 1, First steps (chapters 13), covers the foundational technology, such as AWS Lambda and Web API with Amazon API Gateway. Part 2, Building event-driven applications (chapters 412), is the core of the book and helps you use more functions together, tied by events, to build applications. Part 3, From development to production (chapters 1315), helps you optimize your DevOps workflow. And Part 4, Using external services (chapters 1617), describes ways you can integrate Lambda functions with services outside of the AWS platform, giving you some hints about what is possible with AWS Lambda, from improving communication to automating code management.

This book was written to be read in order, from the first chapter to the last.

If you are already knowledgeable about the basics of AWS Lambda, you can skim through Part I and move forward to Part II to build a more complex event-driven application.

Parts III and IV can also be used as a reference that you can return to later for new ideas or to compare what you’re doing with what I’m suggesting.

Cloud computing is evolving so fast; for this reason, I focused on fundamental concepts, such as distributed systems and event-driven design. These are, in my opinion, important for anybody developing IT systems in a distributed world.

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