Azure Data Engineering: Storage, streaming, and batch analytics MEAP V10 cover


Thanks for purchasing the MEAP for Azure Data Engineering: Storage, streaming, and batch analytics.

I’ve spent my career working with Microsoft technologies. Chances are you have too. When my company decided to build a new analytics system, Microsoft Azure was a natural fit. But all the "Big Data" systems use Apache this and open-source that. After years of building PaaS apps in Azure, endless configuration and scattered single-use tools looks like work.

Luckily, Azure offers a set of PaaS services for building high-capacity analytics systems with the easy integration and familiar tool sets we want. This book covers these building block capabilities: storage, ingestion, stream processing, batch processing, querying, and automation. The chapters cover specific services, including Azure Storage, Data Lake, Event Hub, Data Lake Analytics, Stream Analytics, SQL Data Warehouse, and Data Factory. Examples in each chapter add pieces to build a working analytics system, and teach the fundamentals of using each technology. Since these are Microsoft technologies, you’ll get to choose between GUI and command-line.