1 About Azure security


This chapter covers

  • Cybersecurity as an infinite game
  • The shared responsibility model
  • Azure security services
  • The threat landscape
  • Cloud security challenges
  • The zero trust security model
  • Defense in depth

Security is one of the greatest unsolved problems of our time. This complex problem set spans digital environments, physical infrastructure, businesses, and individuals. Digital services have become an integral part of our lives in finance, health, transportation, our jobs, and even how we connect with each other. With all this, however, we’re outstripping our ability to provide security. If you think of the word security, by its very definition, it means free of threats or danger. Yet, isn’t the reality such that businesses are under constant threat?

This concern is highlighted by daily news headlines about ransomware attacks, fraud, theft, public exposure of private data, espionage, and even attacks against physical infrastructure. James P. Carse, a professor at New York University, came up with an interesting theory of how the world works, which was recently popularized by Simon Sinek. Carse theorized that there are two types of games: finite and infinite.

1.1 Cybersecurity as an infinite game

1.2 Shared responsibility model

1.3 Azure security services

1.4 The threat landscape

1.5 Cloud security challenges

1.6 Digital medievalism

1.7 The zero trust security model

1.8 Defense in depth

1.8.1 Securing identities

1.8.2 Securing infrastructure and networking resources

1.8.3 Securing applications and data

1.8.4 Heroes and villains in this book