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About this Book


This book is intended for intermediate-level iOS developers who know their way around Xcode and have built a few apps already. This allows me to provide instructions in a terse, tutorial-like style, as readers of my blog,, have come to appreciate. By focusing on a more experienced audience, I don’t have to waste your time with iOS development basics that are well covered in other books.


The topic of barcodes serves as the common thread running through the chapters of this book, but you can dive into specific chapters to learn about particular technologies. Here’s a quick overview of what you will find in each of the chapters.

Chapter 1 introduces you to the barcode types that are natively supported starting with iOS 7. You’ll become a barcode guru and be able to hold your own in any conversation about barcodes, their promises, and their limitations. If you like a good story, flip to appendix A, which recounts the curious history of the mother of all barcodes: the UPC.

Chapter 2 gives you a solid introduction to AV Foundation media capture. You’ll become familiar with the components of this framework, which we’ll use to build a camera app.

Chapter 3 introduces you to the metadata detectors for scanning barcodes, building on the camera preview from chapter 2. At this point, you’ll have a reusable barcode scanner that you can employ in all your apps.

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