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You may be wondering if there is a need for another book on agile. We have dozens of books on Extreme Programming and Scrum. Areas such as retrospectives, Test Driven Development, and estimating have been covered well. It seems every subject has been thoroughly discussed. However, one area that still does not have a lot of coverage is the actual process of adopting agile. You may find all of the information you need related to agile practices, but you may have a hard time finding information on how to go from your existing process to an agile one.

The authors have created this book in the hope of providing more information on what it takes to move to a more agile process. We have taken all of our migration experiences and rolled them into this book to help you with your own agile adoption. To make the adoption steps even more tangible, we have created a case study that is an amalgamation of our experiences. As you follow the case study, you will be reviewing actual situations that we encountered during migrations and how the companies we worked with dealt with constraints and cultural change. Real company names are not used, but the events are real.

Our case study also helps you envision working with different personality types and experience levels during a migration to agile. We will introduce several personas at the start of the pilot project, and you will see how the personas react to the process and cultural changes of an agile environment.


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