Bootstrapping Microservices with Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform MEAP V06 cover


Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Bootstrapping Microservices with Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform.

To get the most from this book it’s best you have some existing skills in one or another programming language. The book has examples in JavaScript, but the code will be simple and if you have previous experience in a different language you won’t have trouble reading and understanding it.

You might have previous experience developing HTTP servers, but that’s not really necessary. We’ll learn how to make a basic microservice before scaling up to an application composed of multiple microservices.

I started developing microservices applications before I knew about Docker. Docker as a tool for packaging and deploying applications would have been really handy back then. In those days it really was quite difficult to build and deploy microservices and they were far from cost effective – they were expensive to create, to maintain and to run. The build pipeline and getting setup for continuous delivery was especially difficult – back when you had to build most of the tooling for yourself.