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About This Book

Build a Career in Data Science was written to help you enter the field of data science and grow your career in it. It walks you through the role of a data scientist, how to get the skills you need, and the steps to getting a data science job. After you have a job, this book helps you understand how to mature in the role and eventually become a larger part of the data science community, as well as a senior data scientist. After reading this book, you should be confident about how to advance your career.

Who should read this book

This book is for people who have not yet entered the field of data science but are considering it, as well as people who are in the first few years of the role. Aspiring data scientists will learn the skills they need to become data scientists, and junior data scientists will learn how to become more senior. Many of the topics in the book, such as interviewing and negotiating an offer, are worthwhile resources to come back to throughout any data science career.

How this book is organized: a roadmap

This book is broken into four parts, arranged in the chronological order of a data science career. Part 1 of the book, Getting started with data science, covers what data science is and what skills it requires:

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