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Dear reader,

Thank you for purchasing the MEAP edition of Build an Orchestrator in Go. I hope that you have fun learning more about orchestration systems and that it will be useful in your day-to-work.

This book is written for engineers who have experience building or running applications in Docker containers and who have at least heard of orchestration systems like Kubernetes. At a minimum you will want to be comfortable starting, stopping, and inspecting Docker containers, and you will also want to have some experiencing writing non-trivial programs. The code in this book is written in the Go programming language. If you're not familiar with Go, don't worry. The code is written with simplicity and readability in mind, so you should be able to implement the concepts in the book in any language you feel comfortable with.

You don't have to be a Kubernetes expert to get value from this book. We won't be going into the inner workings of Kubernetes, but rather discussing the concepts and components that make up an orchestration system like Kubernetes in the general sense. Thus, we won't be talking about how to containerize a web application in order to run it on Kubernetes. Instead, we'll be talking about how to write a system like Kubernetes itself.