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This book is about Ethereum decentralized applications (Dapps). If you’re new to blockchain, learning how to develop a Dapp isn’t as straightforward as learning a new programming language or a new development framework. It requires you to learn a completely new technology, different from what you might have seen before. In short, it requires you to shift to a new paradigm, a new way of developing applications.

This objective of this book is to help you transition to this new paradigm as easily as possible. This doesn’t mean I’ll show you a magic shortcut to the new technology. On the contrary, I’ll accompany you along a step-by-step path, based on hands-on explanations, through which you’ll acquire all the concepts, tools, programming languages, and frameworks you need to develop an Ethereum application. I hope the sample applications you’ll build while progressing through the chapters will make your journey as smooth as possible.

The goal is that after reading this book, you’ll have gained a solid understanding of the main components of the Ethereum platform and its wider ecosystem, and you’ll be able to design, implement, and deploy a complete Ethereum Dapp.

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