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This book is about the language of C#. That often means going into some details of the runtime responsible for executing your code and the libraries that support your application, but the focus is firmly on the language itself.

The goal of the book is to make you as comfortable as possible with C# so you never need to feel you’re fighting against it. I want to help you feel you are fluent in C#, with the associated connotations of working in a fluid and flowing way. Think of C# as a river in which you’re paddling a kayak. The better you know the river, the faster you’ll be able to travel with its flow. Occasionally, you’ll want to paddle upstream for some reason; even then, knowing how the river moves will make it easier to reach your target without capsizing.

If you’re an existing C# programmer who wants to know more about the language, this book is for you! You don’t need to be an expert to read this book, but I assume you know the basics of C# 1. I explain all the terminology I use that was introduced after C# 1 and some older terms that are often misunderstood (such as parameters and arguments), but I assume you know what a class is, what an object is, and so on.

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