Chaos Engineering MEAP V04 cover


Thanks for purchasing the MEAP for Chaos Engineering in Action. I’m really glad you did, and I can’t wait to hear back from you! You’re now part of a crucial group of people who have the power to make this book its best possible version. Kudos for that!

When I first started with chaos engineering, I was leading the design and building of a large scale microservices platform similar to AWS Lambda, but with some extra bells and whistles. At Bloomberg, in the financial sector, reliability is of paramount importance. We decided to adopt Kubernetes and found ourselves with a ton of machines running two tons of moving parts, many of which were very new. What can you do to sleep better at night, instead of worrying that your testing (or one of your dependencies) missed something important?

The answer, of course, is chaos engineering. Inspired by the work at Netflix, but with a slightly different set of constraints, we decided to experiment with the system and detect how it breaks, instead of waiting for it to break on us. Fast forward a few years and chaos engineering has become a part of our culture and has brought us a lot of value. With this book, I’m hoping to generate that value for you and your teams.