Thank you for purchasing Classic Computer Science Problems in Python. Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and people become Python programmers from a variety of backgrounds. Some have a formal computer science education. Others learn Python as a hobby. Still others use Python in a professional setting, but their primary job is not to be a software developer. The problems in this intermediate book will help seasoned programmers refresh themselves on ideas from their CS education while learning some advanced features of the language. Self-taught programmers will accelerate their CS education by learning classic problems in the language of their choice: Python. This book covers such a diversity of problem-solving techniques that there is truly something for everyone.

This book is not an introduction to Python. There are numerous excellent books from Manning and other publishers in that vein.[1] Instead, this book assumes that you are already an intermediate or advanced Python programmer. Although this book requires Python 3.7, mastery of every facet of the latest version of Python is not assumed. In fact, the book’s content was created with the assumption that it would serve as learning material to help readers achieve such mastery. On the other hand, this book is not appropriate for readers completely new to Python.

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Python versioning, source code repository, and type hints

No graphics, no UI code, just the standard library

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