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To get the most benefit from this book, you’ll want to have established skills in Java programming, with experience in building web applications and basic knowledge of the Spring core features. I’ll assume you’re familiar with Git, object-oriented programming, distributed systems, databases, and testing.

In the last few years, it has become clear that many organizations had to choose the cloud to keep the business alive. A traditional approach based on application servers and on-premise “snowflake” infrastructure can hardly ensure the requirements of modern applications: scalability, resilience, zero-downtime, reliability, short feedback cycles, and frequent releases. To fully leverage the cloud capabilities, it wasn’t enough to move traditional applications to the new infrastructure. Something else was needed. Applications had to become cloud native.

This book will take you on an exciting journey in the cloud native world from development to production using the latest features from Spring, Docker, and Kubernetes. You’ll have the chance to apply every new idea along the journey by progressively building a full cloud native system for an online bookshop. By the end of the book, you’ll have it deployed to a Kubernetes cluster in a public cloud.