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When it comes to Information Technology (IT), many changes happened in recent years. New languages, new databases engines, new hardware technologies have been kept IT engineers busy as ever. Digital transformations create a playing field in which innovation flourishes and IT becomes an enabler for the business rather than representing just a mere cost center. The demand for a radical transformation of IT created the basis for a new shift in how IT is managed: cloud computing.

Arguably born as we know it today in the mid-2000s, cloud computing has been growing the last few years across all the types and sizes of companies. The growth of the adoption however was not coped by the growth of the knowledge and culture on how to use it. The low number of mature adoptions worldwide make the body of knowledge on how to implement cloud computing largely ineffective in suggesting patterns that preserve a holistic view. Many books and articles solve specific problems or use cases but fall behind in presenting the big picture. The why becomes less important than the what.



Michele Alessandrini

Mauro Medda

James Ward