Part 3. Advanced topics


In this part of the book, we’ll pick up the pace even further and take you through some of the thornier issues of CMIS development. Because this section is the most advanced, we’ll make further assumptions about the extent of your technical background. You’ll see this in the brevity of our background explanations for topics that are not specifically related to CMIS.

This part will start with a peek under the covers as we look at the wire protocol in chapter 11 (CMIS bindings), followed by the often-overlooked subject of security in chapter 12. In chapter 13, we’ll cover performance issues. Finally, we’ll give you a tour of the major parts involved in building your own CMIS server, leveraging OpenCMIS to make this process much easier, in chapter 14.

You may not need this level of information right away, but we think you’ll find it helpful to look over, and then you can come back to it when needed.