Code Like a Pro in C# MEAP V02 cover


Dear Reader,

Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Code Like a Pro in C#. I wrote this book for people with previous experience in object-oriented programming to teach them the ways of writing amazing C# code. It doesn’t matter whether your experience is in C#, Java, Kotlin, or any other language. With this book’s focus on how to write clean, readable, idiomatic C# code, you won’t find granular descriptions of what a for-loop or a variable is. Instead, you’ll find practical techniques and concepts that can elevate your code and impress your peers.

The first time I encountered C# and .NET was when I was hired by a Microsoft shop. Previously, I worked in Java, a language I found simultaneously easy to understand yet wonky in some of its design decisions. (There were also bleak periods of work in Python and Delphi, but I don’t publicly admit to that.) To hit the ground running at my new job, I had to get up to speed quickly, so I couldn’t afford to start with a book along the lines of “Learn Programming through C#” or “Programming 101.” At the end of day one, I was versed in the syntax of C# and could cobble together some unit tests against the existing codebase. Two weeks later, I had forced my way through some beginner and advanced resources, not knowing how to fill my knowledge gaps or sometimes not even aware that I had them. If I had had this book when I was switching to C#, my journey would have been a lot easier.