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About this book


Practices of the Python Pro introduces several concepts that software developers in almost any language can use to improve their work. This would be a great book to read after learning the fundamentals of the Python language.

Who should read this book

Practices of the Python Pro is for anyone in the early stages of their programming journey. In fact, people outside the software industry altogether who use software to supplement their work can find value in this book. The concepts contained in these pages will help readers build software that’s more maintainable, which in turn makes their software easier to collaborate on.

In the sciences, reproducibility and provenance are important aspects of the research process. As more research comes to rely on software, code that people can understand, update, and improve is a major consideration. But college curricula are still catching up to this intersection of software with other disciplines. For those with limited experience in formal software development, this book provides a set of principles for producing shareable, reusable software.

If you’re seasoned in object-oriented programming and domain-driven design, you may find this book too introductory for your benefit. On the other hand, if you’re relatively new to Python, software, or software design, give this book a try. There’s something in here for you.

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