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This is a language book. It doesn’t try to comprehensively detail libraries, frameworks, or other ancillary matters. Instead, it concentrates only on teaching the CoffeeScript programming language from syntax, through composition, to building, testing, and deploying applications. Although this book is full of complete, working programs, they’re all manufactured (contrived, if you will) slaves to the core goal of helping you learn to program in CoffeeScript. You’ll find this book to be a useful reference because of its breadth and depth, but it isn’t comprehensive. The web made comprehensive programming references obsolete long ago.

If you want to learn the CoffeeScript language, then this book is for you. If, instead, you want to eschew that learning in favor of ready-made instructions for using CoffeeScript with one framework or another, then this is probably not the book for you. Although references to popular frameworks are given, this book concentrates on CoffeeScript as a language. This book balances server-side and client-side uses of CoffeeScript as appropriate to each individual topic.


This book follows a three-act structure in which you, the hero, journey to the heart of CoffeeScript before emerging with a thorough grasp of it.


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