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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP “Collaborative Software Design: How to facilitate domain modeling decisions”.

When we first started dipping our toes in Domain-Driven Design and collaborative modeling, the scenery was very different. Besides a few books, there weren’t many resources available. All these years later, the landscape has changed a lot. The library of books and blogs has grown substantially. There are meet-ups and conferences all over the world, contributing to a wonderful community.

Still, we felt that something was missing. The main focus of all these resources has been on using the tools and techniques with regards to collaborative modeling. There is not much information on getting the best out of the people involved in the collaborative modeling or how to improve the social aspect of these sessions to make better design decisions and improve the overall quality of the outcomes. With this book, we are trying to bridge that gap in knowledge for the community.

In this book, we talk about improving your collaborative modeling sessions or how you can start implementing this in your own company. We do this by switching between theory and examples. This advice comes from years of combined personal experience. We fell, we got up and we tried again. Now we wrote all our learnings down for you, hoping your journey is easier than ours was because of this book.