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Concurrency in .NET provides insights into the best practices necessary to build concurrent and scalable programs in .NET, illuminating the benefits of the functional paradigm to give you the right tools and principles for handling concurrency easily and correctly. Ultimately, armed with your newfound skills, you’ll have the knowledge needed to become an expert at delivering successful high-performance solutions.

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If you’re writing multithreaded code in .NET, this book can help. If you’re interested in using the functional paradigm to ease the concurrent programming experience to maximize the performance of your applications, this book is an essential guide. This book will benefit any .NET developers who want to write concurrent, reactive, and asynchronous applications that scale and perform by self-adapting to the current hardware resources wherever the program runs.

This book is also suitable for developers who are curious about exploiting functional programming to implement concurrent techniques. Prior knowledge or experience with the functional paradigm isn’t required, and the basic concepts are covered in appendix A.

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