1 Delivering value

This chapter covers

  • Building customer value through creating a value stream
  • Translating a value stream into a delivery pipeline
  • Breaking down delivery pipeline into three distinct categories: integration, testing, deployment
  • Add quality into our delivery pipeline as a way of creating customer value
  • Develop a feedback loop within our pipeline to improve our product and pipeline

Developers today stand on the shoulders of giants. Building software has evolved over the years from Fred Brooks days of multi stage compilers but the principles remain. Martin Fowlers book on refactoring has gone through four revisions at this point yet it is the foundation to how we develop code. Computer science has this amazing tendency to learn from other industries. Genetic algorithms from biology to lean manufacturing in Industrial engineering.

1.1 Continuous

1.1.1 Continuous Integration

1.1.2 Continuous Testing

1.1.3 Continuous Delivery

1.2 Delivering Quality

1.3 Creating Feedback Loops

1.4 Summary