Chapter 10. Deployment and delivery


This chapter covers

  • Creating setup projects in Visual Studio
  • Using WiX to create installation routines and incorporate them into CI
  • Using MS Deploy with web applications

If you’ve been following along with us chapter by chapter, your software is continuously built, tested, analyzed, and documented. After every check-in to the version control system, you’re creating a piece of bulletproof software. Some developers make rules that every act of sending software to the repository must be associated with a feature. Other developers strive to have potentially shippable software after it’s been continuously built. If you fall into the latter group, you’re fully prepared to include new elements in the CI process: deployment and delivery. Even if you don’t have such high goals, you should have your software deployed to a test site or create an installer.

10.1. Creating an installer for your Windows application

10.2. Windows Installer XML toolset

10.3. ClickOnce deployment

10.4. Web Deployment Tool

10.5. Summary