Chapter 7. Performing integration, system, and acceptance testing


This chapter covers

  • Integration testing and mocking
  • Automating UI testing of Windows, web, and Silverlight applications
  • Acceptance testing with FitNesse

In chapter 6, you learned how to unit test continuously integrated source code. A unit test is the most basic form of test that a software developer can create, and this type of test should be done first. It’s like adding sauce to pizza dough. But you can use a lot of other tests too, just as you can add pepperoni, mushrooms, and extra toppings to a pizza. And you can get tests from other sources. Many tests can be automated and integrated into the CI process. We’ll deal with other types of tests and how to integrate them into your CI process in this chapter.

7.1. Extending your CI test repertoire

7.2. Up close and personal with integration tests in CI

7.3. Testing the user interface

7.4. Acceptance testing with FitNesse

7.5. Summary