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This book serves as a resource for application architects, systems administrators, and anyone seeking information on how to do computing at a large scale without sacrificing development workflow or operational simplicity. CoreOS and its suite of components provide a solid approach to systems design in which high availability, service discovery, and fault tolerance become less painful to implement and are part of your core infrastructure and application architecture from the beginning. CoreOS and the concepts it espouses are useful to both developers and operations professionals; CoreOS realizes the intents of containerization in a way that becomes much easier to operationalize, maintain, and iterate.

If you’re reading this book, you’ve probably noticed a general movement in technology to break down silos and bring together the worlds of development and operations. In many organizations, the roles of operations professionals and application architects are being combined in a role such as DevOps or Site Reliability Engineering. As a result, some people may end up with knowledge gaps. At times, this book may seem to mix information that’s obvious to you with more-advanced topics, but that’s because I’ve tried to provide a complete picture for people who may be missing parts of the foundational knowledge required to be successful with CoreOS.

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