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Thanks for purchasing the MEAP of Cyber Threat Hunting. The book takes you through a journey to become a successful threat hunter. In this book, I share my experience of threat hunting to help you establish a practical threat hunting framework, understand the mindset of threat hunters, and live the hunting experience by conducting real-life threat hunt expeditions.

Throughout the book, we will be covering various data sources, data sets, and techniques to design and conduct threat hunting. We show how hunters can use standard searches, statistics, and machine learning as analytic techniques to conduct threat hunt expeditions.

I first take you through the fundamentals of threat hunting, how to build a practical threat hunting framework, and establish a maturity road for your threat hunting program.

I then take you through the process of conducting threat hunt expeditions using a scenario-based approach, covering different real-life topics and scenarios. You will get the opportunity to learn and practice threat hunting using different data sets and techniques. You will gain access to templates and processes that I hope will be of value to your career and inspiration as a threat hunter.

To get the best out of the book, you need to have basic knowledge and experience in managing security controls, networking concepts, operating systems, and performing searches in data stores.