1 This thing we call cybersecurity


This chapter covers

  • Defining the term cybersecurity and understanding its history
  • Identifying the role, values, and ideology of cybersecurity
  • Realizing the importance of diversity as we seek to improve cybersecurity

So, you want to help secure this new digital world we live in by starting a career in cybersecurity? If you have researched how to start a career in a security-related field, you’ve probably heard and read plenty of discussion about the cybersecurity skills gap. Maybe you’ve even seen studies suggesting that as many as four million cybersecurity jobs could be unfilled. However, if you’re out looking for your first role, you’re likely among those who’ve been on the job hunt for more than six months.

If you’re nearing graduation or looking to make a career change, you’ve probably asked, “How do I get started in cybersecurity?” Unfortunately, if you’ve gone looking for that answer, you’ve likely discovered that no single generally accepted answer exists.

1.1 What is cybersecurity

1.2 The role of cybersecurity

1.2.1 Cybersecurity in the business world

1.2.2 Cybersecurity defending society

1.3 The cybersecurity culture

1.3.1 Privacy and liberty

1.3.2 Open information sharing

1.3.3 Do no harm

1.4 The cybersecurity “industry”

1.4.1 Is cybersecurity an industry?

1.4.2 The effects of digital transformation

1.4.3 The human element

1.4.4 The internet of everything

1.4.5 So, is cybersecurity an industry?

1.5 The value of human diversity in cybersecurity

1.5.1 The cybersecurity diversity gap