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About this Book

This book will help you learn the Dart language, understand the Dart ecosystem, and write Dart code targeted to run in modern web browsers and on the server. You’ll use the latest HTML5 technologies to build apps capable of running disconnected in the browser and create Dart servers capable of two-way communication with browsers.

As a structured language, Dart is ideal for building large-scale apps in distributed teams. And with tools to enable automatic checking and validation of your and your fellow developers’ code, Dart helps make your life as a developer easier.


This book is aimed at developers who have been frustrated by the lack of structure and tooling available to them when building browser-based apps. If you have a working knowledge of Java, C#, or JavaScript, then you’ll be able to dive right in and get working with Dart.

Whether you prefer to build interactive user interfaces or are happier creating efficient back-end code, you’ll find that Dart, combined with modern browser technology, brings the structure of the server to the front end, and the flexibility, dynamism, and speed of browser development to the back end.


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