Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing MEAP V11 cover
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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing. This book will teach you to apply deep learning to one of most vibrant applications of current AI: the analysis of natural language. The book is addressed to anyone who needs a practical guide to current deep learning techniques, from developers to students and researchers of computational linguistics.

While rooted in linguistics, the field of computational linguistics, or Natural Language Processing (NLP, for short), borrows many tools and techniques from neighboring fields such as computer science, logic, statistics and machine learning. Much of the current research in NLP now uses deep learning. It is quite hard to keep track of the many papers and software repositories that are being produced in this fast-paced field. You may even feel you’re missing out on the cutting edge stuff. This is exactly what this book attempts to remedy: it will open up the toolbox of deep learning for NLP practitioners, outlining the pros and cons of various actual techniques and architectures. It speaks the language of NLP and is actually written by a computational linguist.