Deep Learning with JavaScript: Neural Networks in TensorFlow.js MEAP V08 cover


Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Deep Learning in JavaScript. We are excited to see the book reach this stage and look forward to its continued development and eventual publication. This is a book written for anyone who has a solid foundation in JavaScript and wishes to venture into the world of deep learning and neural networks.

One of the most impactful technological advances of this era, deep neural networks are solving problems previously unsolvable by machines, leading to countless new applications that benefit people’s lives and help businesses run more efficiently. Even though JavaScript is not traditionally a language used by the field of deep learning, we believe that combining the power of deep learning and that of JavaScript and the web will create new opportunities unavailable elsewhere. TensorFlow.js, a GPU-accelerated JavaScript deep learning library open-sourced by Google, presents an entry point into this fascinating new world for JavaScript programmers.



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