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This is a book about Dependency Injection (DI), first and foremost. It’s also a book about .NET, but that’s much less important. Although C# is used for code examples, much of the discussion in this book can be easily applied to other languages and platforms. In fact, we learned a lot of the underlying principles and patterns from reading books where Java or C++ was used in examples.

DI is a set of related patterns and principles. It’s a way to think about and design code, more than it is a specific technology. The ultimate purpose of using DI is to create maintainable software within the object-oriented paradigm.

The concepts used throughout this book all relate to object-oriented programming. The problem that DI addresses (code maintainability) is universal, but the proposed solution is given within the scope of object-oriented programming in statically typed languages: C#, Java, Visual Basic .NET, C++, and so on. You can’t apply DI to procedural programming, and it may not be the best solution in functional or dynamic languages.

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