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In my time as a designer and product manager working with developers, I often encountered the sentiment that they would like to know how to make basic design decisions and feel confident in making those decisions as well as be able to be a part of the discussions earlier on in the process of website and web app design planning. With that being said, this book assumes that you’ve spent time in web development and building the interfaces that others have designed.

This book really focuses on the very basic fundamentals of design but in the context of the web. Many existing design books focus on design fundamentals but in the context of print design and the web has more restraints than print design. All the examples in this book reference either actual websites that exist or common pieces of UI that you’ve encountered as someone who builds for the web, and should you want to apply these principles later to a design that doesn’t reside in the digital space, they will still be applicable but without the restraints of the web platform.