Designing Cloud Data Platforms MEAP V02 cover


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Modern analytics platforms in the Cloud are truly a new frontier and your options for designing them are almost unlimited - and very open for debate. We’ve written this book after having designed and implemented dozens of these platforms for our customers - and after having seen how they operate post-implementation.  All of our recommendations are based on what we’ve seen in the real world.

Our approach focuses not just on the “what” and “how” but also on the “why”. We feel that if you understand why we are recommending certain approaches and methods and technologies, you’ll be well equipped to deal with the inevitable technology changes.  We believe that a well-architected analytics platform can work with a variety of technologies across a number of cloud platforms and that versatility and resilience is incredibly important in an ever-changing cloud world.

Knowing the “why” also helps you translate your design choices into the business rationale. Increasingly technologists are being asked to demonstrate that they’ve thought about mid- to long-term business outcomes and that their proposed solutions are scalable, flexible and cost-effective.  Anyone can design a data platform, but designing one with these business goals in mind is a key differentiator.